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Topic Development

Topic development, sometimes known as topic selection, lays the foundation for your dissertation going forward. This crucial step determines the direction and scope of your research, influencing the quality and relevance of your findings. Choosing the right topic ensures that your research is focused, manageable, and meaningful. It also helps in identifying gaps in existing knowledge, framing research questions, and selecting appropriate methodologies. Effective topic development can save time and resources by preventing aimless research and ensuring that your work contributes significantly to your field. There is no better time to reach out and receive a free consultation. We can be reached at:

Topic Development

Developing a successful study can be challenging, especially at the highest level of academic research. A direct and focused topic will ensure that your research is specific and relevant in your field of study. Identifying what needs to be addressed in current scholarship helps fill a void in the existing literature, and is necessary for dissertation approval, and potential journal publication. 


After confirming the topic selection, we will design your study to answer the research questions posed. It is imperative to select the best methodology to align the foundational sections of the study. Topic development is an exciting part of the research process, and we are happy to support our clients in creating the necessary methodology. You might have already envisioned your topic and how you’ll approach the research, or you might need assistance, but either way Dissertation Writers can help decide a relevant path that will inspire you.


In addition to the general requirements for research, we are also well-versed in the specific guidelines for many major online universities. At Dissertation Writers, we have vast expertise in designing approved studies, so you can trust us to guide you through the topic development stage, ensuring that your research proposal meets all the necessary requirements. This means that we can help you establish a solid foundation for your full study, allowing you to present your research topic with confidence. 

The process of developing your topic starts by consulting with an expert methodologist, who can guide your qualitative or quantitative research. To begin, we will assess your interests in the field, as well as what is feasible for your study, with participant sample size and data collection in mind. Establishing the foundation for your research will create a clearer path forward. Balancing your interests while also understanding limitations to create a solid plan is essential, and we can help you develop a research topic that is both practical and aligns with your research goals.


After the initial consultation, we thoroughly explore relevant research to ensure the significance of your research gap in your area of study. This research helps us identify potential research topics that address a gap in the current literature, and from there we can develop the problem statement and theoretical framework. The problem statement is the foundation of the study, so it's crucial that it is formulated correctly in order to proceed with the requirements of the proposal. This will make certain that the study is well-grounded and that it addresses a relevant and important issue.


After obtaining chair approval to move forward with the problem statement, we will proceed to focus on creating the purpose section of your study. The research questions, hypotheses, interview protocols, and participant sampling plan must align with the problem and purpose statements. Of course, what is realistic in terms of data collection must also be considered. Additionally, we ensure that the proposed methodology is appropriate to address the research questions correctly. This process ensures that all the components of the study are coherent and aligned, and that the research methodology supports the research questions.


Finally, we offer the necessary support throughout the duration of your prospectus, concept paper, or dissertation introduction, tailoring our assistance to meet your specific needs. In the final draft, your document will contain the full foundation for your study, precisely aligned with your requirements, and will be ready for approval. As the basis for your entire study, it's important that your document is well-constructed, coherent, and meets the requirements of your university and the research field.

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