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Literature Review

The literature review is pivotal in shaping your dissertation, second only to topic selection. This chapter guides your research questions and lays the groundwork for your study's theoretical framework. Because it demands extensive dedication and analysis, navigating the literature review without experience can be daunting. At Dissertation Writers, we offer expert advice and support, helping you systematically review existing research, identify gaps, and build a strong foundation for your study. Our guidance ensures that your literature review is thorough, coherent, and critical, positioning your dissertation for academic success. Reach out to us for the expertise you need to excel.

Literature Review

The literature review serves to explain the rationale for the chosen methodology in your dissertation, as well as to justify the focus of the study. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to engage in extensive critical analysis of the recent literature and research in your field, and to synthesize the literature.

  • Critical Analysis
    Critical analysis is an essential step in evaluating recent studies in your field for strengths and weaknesses, especially as they relate to irregularities and discord in the existing literature. Whether your study takes a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods approach, analysis is a critical component underlying your proposed methodology.

  • Synthesizing the Literature
    Synthesizing the literature involves combining and interpreting the findings of multiple studies to identify patterns, gaps, and inconsistencies in the existing literature. This process allows you to address contradictory findings and highlight the need for further research in your area of study. It is important to note that the literature review should not be a summary of individual studies, but rather an argument for the originality and importance of your research. By synthesizing and critically analyzing the existing literature, you can demonstrate the relevance and significance of your study and the appropriateness of your chosen methodology.


The literature review can be a difficult undertaking for many of our clients. Incorporating important findings from 75 or more studies requires a strong attention to detail, while maintaining a focus on synthesis and critical analysis as opposed to summarization. Significant time is required to identify recent relevant research, and we understand the challenges this detailed work poses. Our dissertation writers are here to help you navigate the literature review process, providing guidance and support every step of the way.


The consultants at Dissertation Writers have provided research and analysis support for the literature review section for many years. Countless clients have contacted us specifically for help with the literature review, and then continued to work with us through the duration of their study. We understand that every client has different needs regarding costs, and time, and we are able to customize our assistance accordingly. 


After identifying a minimum of 75 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources for the framework and topic, we next identify the relevant themes and sub-themes that are crucial for defining the research gap. We use the foundational elements of your study, especially considering the research questions. This step helps us to identify the key areas of research in your field and understand how they relate to your specific topic. Our team of experts at Dissertation Writers will work with you to identify the themes and sub-themes that are most relevant to your research gap and will be most useful in your literature review.


After identifying the relevant themes and sub-themes, we review the identified research to ensure your proposed research design contains the effective arguments necessary for supporting your study. We include and analyze sources that highlight the methodology already proven within your field,  but also examine the effectiveness in answering the research questions your study sets forth. This step is crucial in demonstrating the appropriateness of your chosen methodology and the originality of your study. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your literature review provides a strong and persuasive argument for your research design and methodology, and that it clearly demonstrates the significance and relevance of your study.


Our goal is to help you produce a literature review that is scholarly, persuasive. We work with you to ensure that the literature review is written in a clear and well-organized manner, that effectively presents the main findings and arguments. Through the process of writing, revising, and editing, we ensure that your literature review is formatted and cited correctly in accordance with APA style and university guidelines. 

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