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Editing is needed by many student writers.


The team at Dissertation Writers is composed of experienced editors from respected universities, including Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton, and other prestigious institutions. Our editors go through a rigorous interview and training process to ensure proficiency in APA 7 and other style guides, as well as requirements and guidelines specific to most major universities. 


Our comprehensive editing service includes sentence-level editing, formatting to style such as APA 7, and a reference audit. We ensure your writing is scholarly, professional, and polished, meeting the expectations of your chair and other reviewers. In addition to adhering to APA and other major style guides, we also make sure to meet your university's specific requirements, such as formatting throughout the dissertation, body text, headings, references, citations, tables, and figures. We have extensive experience working with the unique guidelines of most online universities and are able to adapt to any other formatting specifications.

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