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Defense Prep

Hiring a coach for a practice oral defense session for your doctoral dissertation is a wise decision, as it can help you prepare more effectively and boost your confidence. There is no better time to teach out and receive a free consultation. We can be reached at

Custom Defense Coaching 

Here's what you can generally expect from a defense prep coaching session:

Mock Presentation:

We will lead you through a mock presentation of your dissertation. This may involve delivering a condensed version of your oral defense, focusing on key points and ensuring clarity in your communication.

Feedback on Presentation Skills:

We will provide constructive feedback on your presentation skills, including your speaking style, tone, pace, and overall effectiveness in conveying your ideas. We may offer tips on how to engage your audience and maintain a professional demeanor.

Question and Answer Session:

Your coach will simulate a question and answer session similar to what you might experience during the actual defense. Expect to be challenged with questions to help you practice thinking on your feet and responding effectively. This can improve your ability to address unexpected inquiries from your dissertation committee.

Content Review:

Your coach will review the content of your presentation and defense, providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your argument, clarity of your research questions, and the coherence of your overall message.

Time Management:

The coach will help you manage your time effectively during the presentation and defense. They may offer guidance on how to allocate time to different sections, ensuring that you cover all essential points within the allotted time.

Customized Guidance:

The coaching session will be tailored to your specific needs and concerns. You may have the opportunity to discuss particular areas where you feel less confident or seek advice on handling specific aspects of your dissertation.

Post-Session Review:

After the practice session, there may be a debriefing where you and your coach discuss the strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback can be valuable for making final adjustments before the actual defense.

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