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Dissertation Writers is a full service firm that specializes in writing dissertations for all schools and just about any subject matter. We have a streamlined process that provides quality while delivering on time. These are the two areas we excel at - both speed and quality. Our internal Quality Assurance is rigorous and very strict. This strictness does the one main thing people hire us for - to pass their dissertation and defend it.


Can you help me choose a research topic? 

Students often struggle with selecting a suitable and focused research topic. We can help narrow down your ideas, identify gaps in the literature, and formulate a research question that is both meaningful and feasible.


How can I develop a strong research design and methodology? 

Crafting a robust research design and methodology is essential for your dissertation success. We will help design your data collection methods, as well as ensure the appropriate statistical or analytical techniques are used.

Can you help me with my literature review? 

Students often need help in conducting a comprehensive literature review that demonstrates a full understanding of the current state of research in their field. We will identify relevant sources, summarize key findings, and organize the literature logically.

What should be included in my prospectus? 

You may be unsure about the essential components of a prospectus or research proposal. We will structure your document according to guidelines to meet criteria for the foundation of your study.


How do I manage my time effectively during the research process? 

Time management is a common concern for students working on their dissertations. We will manage your progress along the way to meet your milestones and deadlines, giving you the time you need for other important aspects of your life.


Can you provide guidance on data analysis and interpretation? 

We will analyze your collected data and interpret the results, ensuring the appropriate software is used as well as the correct statistical tests. We will also make sense of the findings.


Can you help me prepare for my dissertation defense? 

As you approach the final stages of your dissertation, you might seek guidance on how to prepare for your defense presentation, and effectively communicate your research findings. We can assist with a PowerPoint presentation with or without notes.


Can I set up a payment plan?

Of course! We automatically divide the cost of each project into installments.


What does it cost?

We don’t offer a price-per-page cost like some other companies, every dissertation is unique. Contact us today to receive a free assessment and find out the cost to bring your dissertation to approval. 

Let us help you move forward

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